Women's Ministry


First Tuesday of each month

6:00 p.m.

A time of Sharing, Listening & Building Relationships. The 1st Tuesday of each month we invite all the ladies of the Church to come for a lite supper and conversation starting with the “question of the month”.   The question of the month is a lead off topic to allow conversations to flow and connections to be made by showing us what we have in common as well as opening us up for new thoughts and feeling. Often our previous discussions opened up memories long forgotten and forged stronger bonds between women who’ve known each other for years.  Come Laugh, Share and Help us Build our Community of Women. You will be provided with the question for the next month at each meeting. Question for March was ‘Beauty is to Me’, Question for April 3rd: ‘Uniquely Me’: things that make you into the person you are. If you have any questions please call or text RiChelle LaChepelle 406-662-1417


Fourth Tuesday of each month

6:00 p.m.

The Women's Ministries team will be presenting on various topics of Women's Health, from self-care and mental/emotional health to the benefits of natural herbs, healthy eating and exercise. Please join us  the 4th Tuesday of each month for an informational hour of taking care of you!


Second Tuesday of each month

6:00 p.m.

A Bible study on prayer, with a companion book "Teach Us to Pray" by Tamara Horst, which we provide for you.


Third Tuesday of each month

6:00 p.m.

Focus is on outreach (ministering to the needs of each other). Currently, we are sending encouragement cards to shut-ins and others; praying for specific areas in Billings; reaching out to each other via texts or phone calls. We will also be holding mini seminars/classes on various topics of interest. We will keep you posted on what each 3rd Tuesday will be focusing on.